Cory Booker Makes Hilarious Face At Debate While Beto Speaks Spanish & Becomes Meme

Beto O’Rourke speaking Spanish at the Dem. debate threw Cory Booker for a loop, and the hilarious expression on his face gave it away. Twitter exploded at the most viral moment of the night.

It’s only taken about two hours to find the meme of the 2020 election season, thanks to Cory Booker. The New Jersey senator couldn’t mask his emotions when former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke busted out his Spanish language skills during his first answer at the June 26 debate — a mixture of “seriously, this guy?” and “oh sh*t, I should’ve brushed up on my Spanish, too.” Obviously, Booker’s hilarious expression went instantly viral on Twitter, with debate viewers erupting at the funniest moment in a tiresome, two-hour slog of an event. Bless this senator and his quiet fury at not being able to answer HIS question in Spanish first. ¡No bueno!

Beto really made the most out of a fairly boring question: does he support a 70 percent tax on Americans whose annual income is more than $10 million? The former congressman from El Paso, Texas, who challenged Ted Cruz for his Senate seat in 2018, answered eloquently: ““Right now we have a system that favors those who can pay for access and outcomes. That’s how you can explain an economy that is rigged to corporations and to the very wealthiest.” And then, he repeated his answer in near-perfect Spanish while Booker steamed.

“Cory Booker is legit my face when Beto speaks Spanish 😂 it’s airing on Telemundo Beto, no need 🙄 ,” one viewer tweeted, along with the now-famous image of Booker’s pissed off face. “Cory Booker trying to translate Beto’s Spanish 🤣🤣 #DemocraticDebate,” tweeted another viewer. Others pointed out how Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren looked equally puzzled by Beto’s switcheroo, though she seemed to contain herself more. And yet, not a single person thus far has put the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme behind the clip. Twitter is slacking!

President Donald Trump only tweeted once during the debate, oddly, but made his gross comment count. At the very moment the NBC debate moderators asked the candidates about the death of children at ICE detention facilities at the US-Mexico border, Trump tweeted, “BORING“. That’s it; that’s the tweet. Saying it’s insensitive isn’t doing it justice.

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