Cowboys Still Want Odell Beckham Jr. After Plane Incident, Says Mike McCarthy

odell beckham smiling and mike mccarthy

The Dallas Cowboys aren’t phased by Odell Beckham Jr.‘s American Airlines controversy … ’cause, according to head coach Mike McCarthy, they still wanna sign the star wide receiver!

As we previously reported, the NFL free agent — who’s expressed interest in signing with teams like the Cowboys, Bills, and Giants — was kicked off an AA flight Sunday morning after a flight attendant told authorities they believed the Super Bowl champ may have been experiencing a medical emergency … after they were unable to wake him up.

Of course, the incident could potentially cause teams to cool to the idea of signing the 30-year-old receiver … but the Cowboys HC says that’s not the case for them.

“Really haven’t been involved with in the conversation,” McCarthy said during Monday’s press conference, adding … “but I know personally based off of my understanding, I think we’re moving full steam ahead.”

For what it’s worth, Odell’s side of the story is different than the one AA and law enforcement have told. In fact, OBJ went to Twitter the day after the incident and attempted to provide some clarity.

“I didn’t kno I couldn’t fall asleep before take off when I boarding first and the flight was delayed 30 mins,” Beckham tweeted.

“I had a flight to catch when I landed in LA as well. Simple shxt. I feel asleep before taking off.”

Beckham continued … “MAKE IT MAKE SENSEE…. And they were zero sleepin pills / drugs. None of that bullshxt I will not allow my name to be tarnished or disrespected. I had a long miami night. I was exhausted. And went to sleep.”


OBJ last played for the L.A. Rams in 2021 … and despite tearing his ACL during the Super Bowl, he won a ring in L.A.

Now, the 3-time Pro Bowler is visiting teams … and, it’s obvious the Cowboys are still all in!

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