Daymond John Says Biden's Crypto Executive Order is Good News for Investors

President Biden‘s latest executive order is a big “W” for those in the crypto world, and a clear indicator everyone should, if nothing else, start learning what it’s all about … according to Daymond John.

The “Shark Tank” star joined us Friday on “TMZ Live” for his “Follow the Money” segment … giving us his take on Biden’s greenlight for feds to study risks and benefits of cryptocurrency. Daymond says the bottom line is … it’s really good news.

He says the news legitimizes crypto, and should get more people to invest. Even further, he believes Biden’s interest in creating a digital U.S. dollar will protect all Americans.

Although, the prez did not announce any regulations of cryptocurrency … Daymond says they’ll be necessary to prevent investors from getting hurt or scammed.

Already, 16% of Americans have invested in crypto, and he says that number will increase greatly in the next 10 years.

BTW … some crypto coins, like Bitcoin, soared 5-8% after Biden’s order.

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