Derek & Hannah Jeter: 1st Pic Of Their Adorable Baby Daughter, Bella Raine, 9 Mos., Revealed

What an angel! Hannah & Derek Jeter welcomed a precious baby girl into the world months ago, and after much anticipation, fans can finally see what the little one looks like! See the cutie’s 1st pic here — she’s JUST as adorable as you’d imagine!

Hannah Jeter, 28, gave birth to her and her husband Derek Jeter‘s, 43, first child on Aug. 17, and now the whole world can see just how precious their baby daughter, Bella Raine Jeter, is! Snapped stepping out for the first time with Bella on May 22, it’s beyond obvious just how obsessed Derek and Hannah are with their sweet bundle of joy. And we totally don’t blame them! CLICK HERE TO SEE BELLA’S FIRST PHOTOS.

Taking their daughter for a stroll in NYC, Derek and Hannah looked like dotting parents as Bella happily went along for the ride. The cutie wore a pink bow in her hair that matched her pink top and was bundled up in a blanket as the family made their way through Manhattan. Meanwhile, Hannah looked casual yet chic in a grey sweater worn over black leggings along with black Nike sneakers.

While Hannah stayed relatively out of the spotlight during her pregnancy, she first announced she and Derek were expecting in a super touching essay written for The Players’ Tribune. In the piece, the Sports Illustrated model admitted that Derek was SO excited to be a father that he already had a baby name picked out long before they had a chance to agree on one.

“He already has a name in mind — he’s set on it. (We’ll see.),” Hannah wrote in her February reveal. “He’ll say when he calls me during the day: ‘So, how are you and so-and-so doing?’ ‘That’s not the name yet, sweetie.’” How cute is that? The star added, “Whatever her name is, I know she’ll run circles around him.” We’re sure she will! I mean, just LOOK at the little cutie, she’s def a daddy’s girl.

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