Dianne Buswell talks split rumours with Joe Sugg as house goes on sale

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Dianne Buswell, 31, has been in a relationship with Joe Sugg since 2018 after meeting on Strictly Come Dancing with their relationship appearing to go from strength to strength. The happy couple has been hit with split rumours since Dianne jetted off to Australia to visit her family without Joe at Christmas but the pair have both shut down claims they have separated.

It comes as the pair reportedly put their £1.35 million home on the market.

The luxury family house is up for grabs at £1,350,000 and features four bedrooms and a huge garden, The Sun reports.

Dianne appeared on Lorraine today where she opened up about her previous eating disorder battle, while also speaking on her relationship.

Lorraine asked Dianne during their interview: “How about your lovely man Joe, are you two still dancing together?”

Dianne then made a heartfelt admission about her romance, putting to bed the rumours of a split between her and Joe.

Grinning, Dianne replied: “He puts on his ballroom frame almost every day and he’s getting better.

“He actually is very good and I’d love to do a proper competition with him and see how he goes.”

Rumours of a split began to spread after Dianne jetted off to see her family for Christmas without Joe.

But last month the couple appeared as loved-up as ever on the red carpet for the BAFTA film awards in London.

Yesterday, the professional dancer and YouTuber took to their Instagram stories to share snaps of them enjoying a romantic movie night together.

Joe appeared on The Useless Hotline Podcast, explaining what happened in the early days of his and Dianne’s relationship as their chemistry formed on the dancefloor.

He said: “As the weeks went on, there was definitely a feeling there. It was like, ‘I fancy that person, I wonder if they fancy me’. There were definitely feelings there at some point.

“These dancers, they are a different breed of people, they are brought up from a young age to be the best and win everything. So when you go into it, there’s no room for any of that farting around.

“She was serious, and I wanted to get to the final as well because the longer you stay in, the better it is, more opportunities afterwards, and I genuinely loved being on the show and wanted to learn every dance style there was.”

Asked whether their feelings for each other made the intimate dances easier to do, Joe said it was actually the opposite.

He said: “It made me a bit more awkward in a way because I didn’t want to come across like I’m really into her.

“If anything, it worked against that.”

Joe also shut down engagement rumours as he shared his annoyance at always being asked the same question.

He quipped: “It’s a question they ask every single time, and it gets to a point where I’m a bit like, ‘Why is it so important?’.”

This comes as Dianne recently shared with The Mirror how “great” it would be to get married.

She said: “We haven’t really spoken about it, so if it happens, great. If not, we’re happy with how things are going.”

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