Did Thomas Markle’s stroke ruin the British commentators’ plans, or was it the plan?

The latest Thomas Markle stunt is playing out in the British tabloids, likely because they designed it and orchestrated it. Thomas has been hospitalized with “stroke-like symptoms,” although nothing has been confirmed by a doctor or anything. It reminds me a lot of Thomas’s heart attacks before the 2018 Sussex wedding – after claiming to be under medical supervision, it appeared as if Thomas Markle just wandered around, staying in various cheap motels, drinking beer and watching TV. In any case, the dumb conversation is “will Meghan visit her father?” The answer is no.

Duncan Larcombe, a royal author and former royal editor for the Sun, told The Daily Beast: “Meghan hasn’t released any statement and I doubt she intends to go down there. That bridge is burned. If you look at what he did before the wedding, that’s hardly surprising. He has claimed it was naivety, but it was clearly duplicitous.”

Meghan’s spokespeople did not respond to emails seeking comment on whether she intended to visit her father or would contribute to his medical bills, suggesting such a turn of events was unlikely.

Lady Colin Campbell, the society author and YouTuber who had been planning to host Thomas at her home Castle Goring over the jubilee, told The Daily Beast: “If she’s clever, she will find a way to visit and reconcile. Let’s see if Netflix lean on her. They might well do so. Filthy lucre might work where decency failed.”

[From The Daily Beast]

Ah, yes, Lady Colin Campbell is intimately involved with this mess. Apparently, she was working hand-in-hand with Dan Wootton to bring Thomas to the UK. Thomas made plans to stay at Lady Colin’s home, and she planned to “escort him to a series of grand events, including Royal Ascot, as well as to various private aristocratic homes.” According to Eden Confidential, Lady Colin also “hired a dinner jacket” and had organized “a black-tie dinner” for him at Castle Goring, her home. According to the Daily Beast, Thomas’s plans to go to the UK were somewhat contingent on the idea that Meghan and Harry would not be there though:

The Daily Beast understands that Thomas originally made the decision to come to the U.K. under the assumption that Harry and Meghan would not be coming, and had reservations about going through with the trip when it was revealed earlier this month they would be attending.

Lady Colin told The Daily Beast: “I have never commented on house guests at Castle Goring and I don’t intend to start now. However, I feel very strongly that Thomas Markle has been unfairly deprived of his dignity by his thankless daughter and pathetic son-in-law. I regard him as the living embodiment of King Lear, and I see it as the duty of all upstanding people to stand up for him.”

[From The Daily Beast]

I have to ask: are British people okay? Because this is the trashiest f–king thing I’ve ever seen. What is the market for this over in Salt Island? In addition to Thomas Markle’s intimate conversations with Dan Wootton and Lady Colin Campbell, it turns out he was also in frequent conversation with Tom Bower, who is writing some kind of unhinged “biography” on Meghan. And these are the people claiming – in completely bad faith – that Meghan absolutely needs to go and see her toxic father. Nope, nope, nope.

My big question is this: did “Thomas Markle’s stroke” ruin all of these unhinged plans, or was it the culmination of a certain plan?

Screencaps courtesy of GB News, 60 Minutes Australia, ITV and the Sun.

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