Dodgers Star Trevor Bauer Accused Of Punching, Choking Alleged Assault Victim

Trevor Bauer‘s assault accuser says the MLB star choked her unconscious and then had non-consensual anal sex with her … in court docs obtained by TMZ Sports.

The extremely disturbing allegations are all part of an 84-page temporary restraining order application filed by the alleged victim’s attorney … where she documents 2 meetings that she claims started as consensual sex — but morphed into a violent attack.

The 21-year-old accuser says she met Bauer on Instagram … before ultimately driving from San Diego to Los Angeles on April 21 to meet the Dodgers star.

The woman says she and Bauer were having sex … when he began to aggressively put his fingers down her throat. The woman says she asked him to stop and he complied.

But then, according to the docs, the woman claims Bauer “wrapped my hair around my neck and choked me.” The alleged victim says she “lost consciousness.”

When she awoke, the woman says she was face down on the bed … and Bauer was having anal sex with her. An act to which she says she did not consent or even want.

Later that evening, the alleged victim says she was in pain and bleeding from her anus. However, she didn’t believe TB was an imminent threat to her, so she spent the night at his place.

In the morning, she claims Bauer attempted to joke with her, asking … “You feeling a little sore this morning?”

The woman says she expressed her displeasure with Bauer’s actions … before ultimately leaving.

About 4 weeks later, on May 15, 2021, the woman says Trevor invited her back to his home in L.A.

This time she says they agreed on a safe word.

The woman claims Bauer started to choke her 5 minutes into the sexual encounter, she again lost consciousness — and when she woke up, Trevor was punching her in the head and face.

Bauer’s accuser alleges her lip was busted open and she could taste blood in her mouth — but Bauer attempted to comfort her by whispering “You’re safe. I’m here” while scratching her back.

The following day, the woman says she went to a hospital in San Diego where she had CT scans performed on her brain, neck and face.

She says when doctors asked how she sustained the injuries, San Diego PD detectives were called. She claims she was taken to another hospital where she met with the department’s sexual assault team.

As part of the restraining order application, the woman also provided several photos showing her alleged injuries … as well as text messages and voicemails from TB.

As for Bauer, his reps claim they also have scores of texts between them … including one exchange on May 9 — after that first encounter — where the accuser enthusiastically talked about being choked unconscious. She allegedly wrote, “Never been more turned one in my life. Gimme all the pain. Rawr.”

In another text, she allegedly asked him to “get a couple of slaps in there,” and leave a handprint on her butt.

Bauer’s camp says it’s shared those texts with Pasadena PD, which is investigating the accuser’s allegations. As we reported, a judge granted the TRO, which requires Bauer to stay away from the accuser … at least until July 23, when he can present his side of the story during a formal hearing.

Bauer is ADAMANT their encounters were consensual rough sex between 2 consenting adults.

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