Donald Trump: ‘I thought of Ivanka for the World Bank…she’s very good with numbers’

One of the bigliest problems with having a stupid, unhinged mobster for a president is that he inevitably believes the dumbest people are smart. He think “loyalty” is the ultimate sign of intelligence too, in which case Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are the smartest people he’s ever met in his life. Trump thinks so highly of Ivanka that he would basically give her any job she wanted. Thankfully, all she wanted was to be close to her unhinged daddy at the White House. But Trump wants us to know that he definitely thought about giving Ivanka a job as UN ambassador or… head of the World Bank.

President Donald Trump considered nominating his daughter Ivanka Trump for a variety of jobs including one at the World Bank, according to a new interview.

“I even thought of Ivanka for the World Bank,” Trump told The Atlantic magazine in an interview. “She would’ve been great at that because she’s very good with numbers.”

Trump in the interview said that he has thought of his daughter, who works in the White House as an assistant to the president, for several different positions, including United Nations ambassador, but has been dissuaded because of the appearance of nepotism, he said in the interview.

“She would’ve been great at the United Nations, as an example,” Trump said, adding that his oldest daughter is “a natural diplomat.” If he did nominate her, Trump said, “they’d say nepotism, when it would’ve had nothing to do with nepotism. But she would’ve been incredible.”

[From Bloomberg]

“She’s very good with numbers…” I doubt that, especially considering she’s terrible at words. You know who’s good with numbers? My tax guy, Phil. Maybe he should be in charge of the World Bank. His daddy didn’t pay millions of dollars for him to get a junk degree at Wharton though, so maybe not. Anyway, just another reminder – Trump really believes Ivanka is the smartest person he’s ever met.


— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) April 12, 2019

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