'Double Shot at Love': When Did Pauly DelVecchio Fall in Love With Nikki Hall?

Double Shot at Love has concluded its second season. Now, it seems like Pauly DelVecchio and Nikki Hall are in a good place. Still, fans are curious about when exactly the Jersey Shore star fell in love with Hall. 

‘Double Shot at Love’ Season 1 ended badly for Nikki Hall 

After devoting herself to DelVecchio throughout season 1 of Double Shot at Love, Hall had her heart broken during the season finale. 

When DelVecchio told Derynn Paige her cab had arrived, both Hall and viewers thought DelVecchio would ask her to be his girlfriend. Unfortunately for Hall, DelVecchio had other plans. 

“I’m rolling solo for now,” he told her. After the show aired, Hall exposed personal conversations she had with DelVecchio regarding his true feelings for her. 

According Nikki Hall, Pauly DelVecchio was in love with her after season 1

In since-deleted tweets, Hall shared screenshots of the text conversations she had with DelVecchio after season 1 wrapped. 

DelVecchio allegedly asked Hall to give him “a real shot” and told her: “You don’t have to change a single cell in ur mind or body. I love u just the way u are” (via The Blast).

DelVecchio also said he would be upset if Hall looked at another man, threatening to “dig two holes in the desert” — one for Hall and one for someone else, should she choose to look for love elsewhere. 

Hall said sharing the texts on Twitter was outside of her character, “…but for someone to sit there and act like this sh*t was one-sided” wasn’t fair. “I did nothing to this man but love him and he was OK with it,” she continued. “And I’m crazy? Give me a f*cking break! I’ve had it!!”

After Hall shared too much of their personal life on Twitter, she and DelVecchio had a very public falling out. But, as seen throughout season 2 of Double Shot at Love, the two seem to have made up. 

Did Pauly DelVecchio fall back in love with Nikki Hall in Las Vegas?

Some fans think DelVecchio fell back in love with Hall while filming season 2 of Double Shot at Love. Others think he never fell out of love with her.

In a conversation on Reddit, one fan wondered “how Pauly could’ve possibly fallen in love with Nikki so soon after they reconciled.” They continued: “He most likely was always in love with her since the last [season]. I mean, you don’t just fall out of love with someone. I don’t think he fell in love with her in Vegas [and] he’s been in love with her for months, and them reconciling gave him the green light to drop his wall and feel those feelings again.”

Other Double Shot at Love fans agreed — DelVecchio was most likely still in love with Hall when filming for season 2 began. 

“I definitely think he fell in love with her season 1,” another Reddit user said. “I think it was unexpected for him, but he fell for her and it didn’t go away.” 

Another fan thinks Hall’s willingness to be more open this season helped DelVecchio feel more confident about his feelings. “I think after reading her note, he felt more comfortable to tell her how he felt,” they shared on Reddit. 

Fans will have to stay tuned to the Double Shot at Love Season 2 reunion for updates on Hall and DelVecchio’s relationship. 

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