Drake & Cavs Player Kendrick Perkins Nearly Get Into Massive Brawl During NBA Playoffs Game

The single best thing about the Toronto Raptors advancing in the NBA playoffs is watching Drake give opposing players a hard time. We’ve got him nearly getting into a brawl with the Cavs’ Kendrick Perkins.

The Toronto Raptors can always count on Drake to try to get inside opposing players heads from the sidelines. The 31-year-old rapper’s beloved NBA team started their second round playoff series at home against the Cleveland Cavaliers on May 1 and as usual Drizzy was there bringing tons of smack talk and drama to the sidelines. As the Cavs were headed back to their locker room at half time, Drake got into a trash talking match with Cleveland’s Kendrick Perkins, who wasn’t even suited up for the game! The two men could be seen angrily shouting at each other before teammate J.R. Smith came along and ushered Perkins away before he could do some serious damage to Toronto’s favorite son.

We don’t know exactly what Drake said to get such a rise out of the 33-year-old league veteran, but boy oh boy was he pissed! After Perk walked away, several security guards came over to make sure that nothing escalated further. You’d think players would know by now not to let Drizzy get under their skin at games, but the “God’s Plan” singer always seems to know exactly what buttons to push to get inside their heads. Perk’s teammate Jose Calderon even tried to smoothly talk to Drizzy and get him to stop hassling his teammate. It’s a good thing it worked because at 6’10 270 pounds, Perkins could have physically destroyed 5’11 Drake.

It wasn’t all hate though, as Drake was later caught having a cute moment with LeBron James, 33, during the middle of the game. Bron was feet away from Drizzy’s front row seat when he looked over and said something that made Drake smile from ear to ear and laugh. The singer is pals with a lot of guys in the NBA, and as long as they’re not playing his beloved Raptors he’s a good friend. But when it comes to supporting his hometown basketball team, those relationships seem to go out the window for the time being. At least Drake’s consistent!

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