Drake’s Toronto Restaurant Reportedly Shut Down Over Unpaid Rent

Looks like Drake is going to have to get himself into some kind of new line of business!

According to media reports late this month, the rapper’s once-popular Toronto restaurant Pick 6ix is reportedly being permanently shut down due to unpaid rent. This follows an announcement from the restaurant earlier this month which claimed it was going to temporarily shut down to take care of some persistent flooding issues — though it gave no indication that things were permanent. Hmmm…

Earlier this week, Forward was among the first to report that it’s actually unpaid rent that will doom the iconic rapper’s Canadian hot spot. According to that outlet’s reporting work, Drake’s food place owes over $67,000 in unpaid rent. Not exactly a small sum!!!

Jeff Darby, Pick 6ix’s operations manager, has been steadily denying the entire report, though — instead arguing that the shut down is temporary and the place will be open again very soon. In a statement about the matter to the Daily Hive, Darby said:

“We have always paid rent on time and this month is no different, despite a number of issues with the building – including two floods in the past two years due to issues with the pipes. We plan to continue to work with the landlord to resolve any misunderstanding and get back to repairing the restaurant from the water damage. We want to thank our customers for their patience and hope to reopen again in the new year.”

Hmmm… so which is it?

The Daily Hive also reported that the restaurant first closed its doors temporarily a little more than a year ago to deal with flooding, so it appears that part is a known issue for some time now. Still, the property manager apparently has been reaching out to multiple people to settle the establishment’s debt, and it’s now grown so significantly that it sounds like the honeymoon is over in this instance.

Drake has yet to make a public statement about the restaurant, though he did just recently launch a new cannabis company in Toronto, too, so he’s clearly got a lot on his plate right now. No pun intended…

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Funny biz dealings here, or what? Is Drake as popular in the Six as he wants you to think, or is Toronto starting to pan him??? Sound OFF with your opinions in the comments (below)…

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