Eddie Money Renewed Vows with Wife 7 Months Before Death

Eddie Money really did have 2 tickets to paradise when he eloped 30 years ago with his wife, but the rock star managed to fulfill a lifelong dream to exchange church vows … before he passed away.

Eddie and his wife, Laurie, renewed their vows back on February 7 at the California Community Church in the San Fernando Valley. The couple kept it a private ceremony, strictly for immediate family.

Laurie wore a Bob Mackie-designed wedding dress she had intended to wear when they eloped to Mexico in 1989 — but the dress took 3 months to make. Turned out they didn’t need it anyway because they ditched all formal wear for the beach ceremony.

The couple talked about exchanging vows in a church for YEARS but after he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer last fall, they finally formalized plans. The timing was perfect … because just 3 months later, Eddie would also need to undergo a heart valve procedure.

Sadly, complications associated with his heart valve procedure led to his death last week.

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