Emily Ratajkowski Shares New Nude Pic For Husband: See All Her Recent Naked Photos

If you thought marriage would slow down Emily Ratajkowski’s nude pic roll, think again. She’s posting more naked photos than ever and we’ve got them!

Marriage has made Emily Ratajkowski even more of an exhibitionist than she already was. The 26-year-old tied the knot in a surprise courthouse ceremony with boyfriend of less than two months Sebastian Bear-McClard on Feb. 23 and it’s brought out sexy feelings for the actress. On March 21, she posted in Instagram pic completely in the buff with a hand covering her left breast and her leg tilted outward to hide her vajayjay and captioned the pic “Posing for my husband like.” Well, it’s more than just her husband, as the photo racked up a whopping 1.2 million likes just four hours after the put it up.

Of course we’ve already seen what Emily bare breasts look like thanks to the racy 2013 video for Robin Thicke‘s “Blurred Lines” where she danced around completely topless. Still, she loves playing coy on the ‘gram with racy shirtless pics while using her hands to hide her nipples. Em posted a photo on March 3 showing off her gold wedding band and rings on other fingers as she cupped her boobs and gave a smoldering look at the camera. She’s shared nearly a dozen nude and topless pics since getting married, even more than before she tied the knot.

Em had a big spread in Vanity Fair Spain and at the end of February posted a bunch of behind the scenes photos where she was leaning against a blue velvet sofa, completely naked as usual. She showed off her standard bent leg/boob cupping pose that flaunted  her entire nude body without displaying her privates and thus breaking IG rules. The I Feel Pretty actress also got naked on her early March honeymoon to the luxury southern Utah Amangiri resort and spa, going skinny dipping in a pool and posing nude against the stunning red rock desert landscape. She laid by the pool in the buff to work on her tan and posted a photo capturing the moment just before her other nude pic on March 21. This time she wrote “take me back” and it got over 755,000 likes in six hours time. Emily sure knows what her fans love, and its plenty of skin!

You can check out our gallery featuring all of Emily’s recent nude pics, here.


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