Fans Erupt Over Fate Of Elias Koteas’ Olinsky On ‘Chicago P.D.’

Fans of NBC’s “Chicago P.D.” were on the case after Wednesday’s season finale made a bold move on the fate of Alvin Olinsky, the detective played by Elias Koteas for the past five seasons.

Don’t want a spoiler? Then stop reading.

This should put you up to speed:

Olinsky’s future was already looking precarious in the previous episode. After landing behind bars on an unjust murder charge, he was stabbed.

Olinsky died early on Wednesday’s finale, giving viewers plenty of time to sound off on social media.

Executive producer Rick Eid explained to Entertainment Weekly why the show killed off good ol’ Al. “From a dramatic point of view, we all thought it was really interesting,” he said.

One Twitter user urged the show to somehow rescind Olinsky’s ascendance to TV detective heaven.

The show has been renewed for next season. Olinsky will be missed.

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