Farrah Abraham Defends Daughter’s Septum Piercing: I Don’t Like It Either!

On Wednesday, February 23, Sophia Abraham crossed a major milestone: she is now a teenager.

Farrah Abraham’s daughter marked the occasion by getting a septum piercing, which was showcased on social media.

Her mom (and even Sophia herself, unfortunately) received some backlash on social media, with people feeling that it was way over the line.

In a new interview, Farrah is adamantly defending her decision … even as she admits that she’s not a fan of the idea.

Farrah Abraham spoke to TMZ about Sophia’s new piercing and the tidal wave of opinions and mom-shaming that followed.

She adamantly defended this from a parenting point of view, despite her own feelings about the piercing.

It sounds like she and Sophia won’t be “twinning” in this regard any time soon … but Farrah may surprise us.

“I’m a mom of a teenager now,” Farrah marveled to the camera.

She suggested that Sophia’s generation is very different at 13 than Farrah’s was, which is true in some ways.

That said … as someone slightly older than Farrah, I had a friend with a septum piercing at 14, so it’s not so different.

Farrah noted that Sophia seems to be the first in her family with a septum piercing at any age, let alone at 13.

While suggesting that she’s a “cool mom,” Farrah explained her reasoning behind letting Sophia get her wish.

The possibility that Sophia might one day get a less safe version of the same piercing seemed worse than just letting a professional pierce Sophia here and now.

We don’t always say this (we almost never say this, in fact), but Farrah isn’t wrong.

Sophia is a teenager, now. That comes with an increased desire for autonomy and self-expression.

Even if she doesn’t find herself idly piercing herself with a safety pin while bored at school, she might just go to a less stellar piercer in college.

Farrah Abraham dons "emo look" on TikTok with Sophia Abraham

Farrah also noted that she is putting Sophia’s happiness above her own.

After all, Farrah doesn’t want the same piercing … but this isn’t really about her nose.

That is unusually solid reasoning for Farrah, who is not known for showing a lot of empathy or for rational thought. Is this growth?

“I got my septum piercing for for my birthday!!” Sophia’s Instagram account wrote.

“I am so happy with how it turned out!” the caption continued.

“I am the first person in my family to get a septum piercing at 13!!” Sophia’s account declared. “Birthday wish came true!!”

You will of course notice that we refer to this as Sophia’s account, in that it is an Instagram account in her name.

It has long been suspected that she does not run it herself, and not simply because of her age or the obvious safety concerns. (Growing up “famous” can attract creeps)

The posts just … reek of Farrah. That caption? No 13 year old on the planet writes like that.

Farrah isn’t always known for good decision-making.

She goes on unhinged rants about wild conspiracy theories and misinformation, she also says alarmingly racist things sometimes.

Also Farrah sometimes (allegedly) attacks people for just doing thier jobs … as she did in January.

Farrah allegedly slapped and kicked at security guards at a club, and was filmed being belligerent during her detention and arrest.

Farrah has threatened to sue the club, claiming to have experienced suicidal thoughts in the wake of the arrest.

She says that she is focusing on “recovering” by spending 28 days at a trauma treatment center in Texas. We hope that the security guard whom she allegedly attacked is not traumatized.

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