Fish Sperm Is Popping Up on Restaurant Menus: Would You Try It?

Japan is known for gifting the rest of the world with sushi, tempura and now … fish sperm!

The unusual food item – a.k.a. shirako – has long been a delicacy in the island nation, but is only recently making its mark in the U.S. by popping up on restaurant menus.

According to a tweet from Food Insider, shirako, which is served at Shoji at 69 Leonard Street in New York City, tastes and looks somewhat like a marshmallow. “It has richness. It has umami,” explained Shoji chef Derek Wilcox. “It doesn’t have off-flavors if it’s prepared properly and it’s the thing that just about anybody would love.”

There are many different varieties of shirako available depending on the season, and it can be prepared in a myriad of ways, making it a versatile meal or appetizer.

Still, despite Wilcox’’s ringing endorsement and shirako’s adaptability, users on Twitter are divided over whether or not they would be bold enough to give it a try.

“I’ve had this before,” wrote one Twitter user. “It’s not bad but it’s def a one time thing. Being part Japanese this is def the epitome of ‘waste not want not.’”

Tell Us: Would you try shirako?

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