Florence Welch: 5 Things To Know About The Powerhouse Singer

Florence Welch and the Machine are performing on ‘The Voice’ season 14 finale. Before the band hits the stage, here’s what you need to know about the talented lead vocalist!

1. Her new album is on the way. High as Hope is set to be released by Florence and the Machine on June 29. Singles “Sky Full of Song” and “Hunger” have already been released. This is the band’s first album since 2015. The band is best known for songs such as “Dog Days are Over,” “Cosmic Love,” and “Never Let Me Go.”

2. Florence, 31, got sober after she used to drink before every performance. “I’m quite shy, really—that’s probably why I used to drink a lot,” Florence told Billboard in 2015. “But I don’t anymore. When I finally took time off to make this new record, I had time to strengthen. And when I was coming back into the fray, I really didn’t want to lose that. I thought I could go dive-bomb back into it, but look what happened. I dived into it and literally broke myself.”

3. She set a hotel room on fire after hanging out with Kanye West and Lykke Li. She revealed to Q magazine that she accidentally set fire to her hotel room after leaving a cinnamon tea light burning. “I came back to the hotel, passed out in my ripped dress – no phone, chipped tooth – came round and there was black stuff all over the wall, my book had melted on the bedside table and there was a bucket of water on the floor,” she said. “Actually the last scene you want to wake up to with a hangover. Half the room was singed.”

4. Florence and Blake Lively are best friends! Florence actually performed at Blake’s wedding to Ryan Reynolds!

5. Her pal Taylor Swift influenced one of her albums. Before Florence started writing How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, she got some much-needed advice from her BFF. “Taylor said that you must sing about what’s happening in your life,” Florence revealed to Billboard. Taylor’s words inspired Florence to be honest. “This could’ve been a breakup record,” she continued “But it was much more about trying to understand myself.”

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