Florida Georgia Line Teepee Dismantled By Vandals

Florida Georgia Line singer Brian Kelley and his wife Brittney Marie Kelley have announced a $5,000 reward for information about vandals who desecrated a tee-pee outside their store.

Floriday Georgia Line had hosted an event to celebrate the opening of their Nashville-based creative compound just few days ago. However, four vandals have now dismantled the tee-pee outside of their store Tribe Kelley.

The couple have posted security footage videos on social media accounts that shows a group of men and woman removing the fabric surrounding the tee-pee and attempts to break the pieces of wood underneath. The vandalism happened around 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning, November 3, along 21st Avenue South in Hillsboro Village.

“Lucky for us we have surveillance footage,” Brian Kelley posted on Instagram. “PLEASE SWIPE and watch! If you recognize anyone in this video we are offering $5,000 reward for a name or names. DM me. Let’s go. PLEASE SHARE and let’s find these vandals.”

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