Gemma Atkinson admits ‘I’ve got nothing and no one’ after Gorka leaves home for Strictly

Gemma Atkinson discusses her father's death

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Gemma Atkinson, 37, has given her followers an insight into her busy day after her fiance Gorka Marquez, 31, left to go on tour, and her family, who usually help out with her daughter Mia, are on holiday. The radio presenter admitted she doesn’t know how single parents manage. 

In view of her 1.8million Instagram followers, Gemma revealed she was left alone with Mia, three, and things got hectic when she needed to take one of her dogs to the vet. 

“Shouting out today any parents who are just on their own and just getting it done without family support,” she said. 

“Because I am extremely lucky, obviously Gorka works away a lot but my mum and my stepdad are ten minutes down the road, my sister’s half an hour away. 

“I’m so lucky that I can work, because they pick Mia up from nursery when I’m at work and stuff. 

“But last week and this week I’m off work because they’re all away. So I’ve nothing, I’ve no one!

“Myself with Ollie and Norm and Mia,” she added, referring to her two dogs as well as her child. 

She continued: “I’m only halfway through and I feel like I’ve been t****ed round the head, my gosh. 

“And I know there’s so many people who do this every single day, all day, and I think you’re incredible, honestly. Absolutely incredible.”

Gemma’s next Instagram posts showed that she was taking Norm to the vet, but the poor pup hates it and so she asked his brother Ollie if he wanted to join for “moral support”.

Afterwards, Gemma posted again while sitting on the sofa. 

“I just had a momentary severe, like, ‘Oh my god!’ panic and worry,” she said.

“Because I’m sat here, obviously on my own, having a brew before my session, I’m thinking, ‘What’s that smell?’

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“Awful, fish, wet. And I’m thinking, please god, I’ve showered – if that’s me, get me to a hospital. 

“But then I remembered, he’s had his glands cleaned!” she exclaimed, pointing to Norm, and writing: “It’s just his bum. (Off to wash it).” 

In the next slide, Gemma explained: “For those with no dogs, the smell of anal glands being emptied is [fish emoji] [poo emoji] [skull and crossbones emoji] all mixed together.

“That’s the only way I can describe it.” 

Gemma and Gorka met back in 2017 when they both starred on Strictly together, her as a celebrity and him as a professional. 

The couple got engaged on Valentine’s Day 2021, but they have no solid plans to tie the knot yet. 

They previously revealed they were unsure if they would host their nuptials in Manchester or in Spain, where lots of Gorka’s family live, because of the ongoing lockdown restrictions. 

“We’re not in a rush or under any pressure. It’s quite nice,” Gemma added. 

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