Gemma Collins on what she thinks of Katie Price after night out with Arg

However, despite us fearing that this could launch an epic war between Gemma and Katie, Ms Collins insists that she’s actually a big fan of KP and just wished she could have partied alongside her.

‘They’ve known each other for ages,’ Gemma, 37, says of Arg’s friendship with 40-year-old Katie.

‘Katie called me that night asking where I was, but I was at home doing some washing!

‘I love Katie, she’s a great girl.’

So that’s that then!

The incident clearly hasn’t dented Gemma’s affections for Arg either and she admits that he often brings up the idea of marriage.

‘He talks about it all the time!’ GC tells OK! magazine. ‘He sends me messages saying he wants to marry me, although on TOWIE he seems to play it down.’

And it sounds like the couple are still hopeful of starting a family in the future too.

‘I went to see a good doctor recently who told me that my follicles have started growing again,’ the TV star explains.

‘I have PCOS [polycystic ovary syndrome] so I’m on a tablet to balance my hormones. It means I could struggle to have a baby, but there’s no rush for us – if it happens, great, and if it doesn’t, then it doesn’t.’

It’s not been totally smooth sailing for Gemma and Arg, 30, recently though as TOWIE viewers saw the lovebirds go through some ups and downs in Sunday night’s episode.

GC was unhappy when Arg left her stranded at the airport after a holiday but they soon made up (yay!) and agreed that they’d go to live in Spain together.

Ah, we do like a happy ending!

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