Gene Simmons Discusses Reuniting With Former KISS Members

Gene Simmons says that there was nothing negative about his recent reunions with former KISS members during his Vault tour. Along the way he caught up with Peter Criss, Ace Frehley and Vinnie Vincent.

“No. Nothing negative,” he told Marko Syrjala of Finland’s Imperiumi. “At some point, people grow up and you realize life is short. But we had problems in the band — some people were drinking and getting high. So that didn’t work. KISS is like the Olympics. And some of the members were let go three different times. And you can’t run a race if you’re high, you can’t play football if you’re drunk — you just can’t. And for the longest time, we did that, and I didn’t know anything about it. I just remember that some nights were terrible, and I don’t know why…”

“Everybody was very sweet. Paul [Stanley] was great. Vinnie Vincent was fine. I thought it was gonna be a problem — [but there was] no problem. Ace loved it so much, he went to three different cities; he flew. Peter was fine. He came by for a short time, told the fans how much he loved them and then he went back. I think Peter is done. He doesn’t wanna be in the public eye. He’ll sign some autographs, but that’s it. And me, I think I’ll be done when I’m dead. And it’s now sooner than later, right?”

Simmons also says that he doesn’t know if the next KISS tour will be their last.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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