Gigi Hadid’s ‘Vogue’ Italia Cover Slammed For ‘Too Much Photoshop’: ‘A New Blackface Attempt’

If you put Gigi Hadid on the cover of her magazine, why would you want her to be unrecognizable? ‘Vogue’ Italia is getting slammed by fans for photoshopping the beauty’s face beyond belief.

Gigi Hadid, is such a natural beauty, so its truly baffling what Vogue Italia did to her face for their latest cover. The 23-year-old stunner is completely unrecognizable in the photo, where it appears she was heavily Photoshopped. Her dreamy green eyes are a kind of dulled brown color and are spaced further apart than on her real face. Her head appears elongated with her nose appearing unusually long and narrow, and the lighting and coloring borders on blackface according to some fans. Gigi posted the cover to her Instagram on May 2 and her comments section is filled with people asking what on Earth happened to her face in the photo.

“Is that supposed to be you?” one fan questioned, while numerous others wrote “you don’t even look like yourself” and “who is that” because Gigi is so unrecognizable. One person nailed it with the comment “You look like Solange Knowles” because she really does resemble Beyonce‘s little sister. Gigi’s hair is pulled back and darkened to a deep brown so in addition to her face looking like someone else, her overall coloring is totally off.

“Why do you look not white” another person asked, as her fair skin is noticeably darkened in the cover pic. Another fan said “Legitimately thought this was @jourdandunn.” True that!  Yet another person commented “I was scrolling fast and thought you were Rihanna lol.” Another fan also thought she was black, with one person commenting “You remind me of Tyra Banks in this pic.”

Sadly, Gigi was actually happy with how the photo taken by renowned fashion lensman Steven Klein turned out. “A story for #HighVoltage-Power Women ! 🔌⚡️ Excited, honored, and grateful to cover @VogueItalia’s May Issue ⚡️💡 by my loves @stevenkleinstudio, @patti_wilson & @gb65 – thank you so so much for an amazing shoot, I am forever inspired by you all !!!” she captioned the pic on her Instagram account. Too bad it doesn’t look anything like her.

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