GMB's Laura Tobin opens up on emotional time after daughter's birth at 27 weeks

Good Morning Britain presenter Laura Tobin has opened up about the first few weeks of her daughter’s life.

Charlotte, now three, was born at 27 weeks and was in hospital for 83 days after she was born.

The weather presenter and her husband Dean Brown rarely speak about their daughter’s time in hospital in the early stages of her life.

However as she joins a campaign which aims to raise funds for neonatal equipment, Laura shared how ‘protective’ she and Dean were over Charlotte to ensure she didn’t fall ill.

She told HELLO!: ‘With most premature babies who are born really early, their lungs don’t function properly, which makes them much more susceptible to colds and coughs and other illnesses.

‘The advice is basically to do what we’ve all been doing for much of this year, which is to lock down.

‘I now realise that the approach we took was quite extreme, but I just didn’t want our baby girl to get poorly.’

The campaign, Soothing The Smallest, is being run by children’s charity Ickle Pickles and antiseptic cream Sudocrem.

The meteorologist speaks about Charlotte on Good Morning Britain, recently sharing a moment when she was too busy on Instagram to notice her three-year-old falling into the water while paddle-boarding.

Charlotte is totally fine, with Laura adding: ‘She had a life jacket on, and she loved it. She was like, “More daddy, more!”’

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