Guy Pearce Regrets How He Handled ‘Handsy’ Remark About Kevin Spacey

Last week, Guy Pearce told an Australian talk show, Seven, which was reported by the Daily Beast, about how Kevin Spacey allegedly got “handsy” on the set of their Academy Award-winning film, L.A. Confidential. Now the actor/singer is regretting that he spoke openly about it.

“I very much understand it’s too sensitive a topic to be brushed off,” Pearce said in a statement to the Sydney Morning Herald. “I addressed and handled the situation when it took place, hence my regret at making it public now.”

The Australian actor is far from the only one to who has come forward to report about discomfort working on the set with the two-time Academy Award winner. Anthony Rapp, from the original cast of the Broadway show, Rent, accused Spacey last October of sexual misconduct that dated back to 1986. At the time, Rapp was only 14-years-old while Spacey was 26-years-old. Spacey attempted damage control by coming out on social media as gay, but that drew quick condemnation, saying that’s not an excuse for what he did. Spacey also claimed to have no memory of the events as Rapp described. It wasn’t long before Spacey was dropped by his Netflix show House of Cards, in which he starred as the president.

As for Pearce, he “told Fairfax Media, which owns the Herald, that he wished to clarify his comments regarding Spacey and that while he was not sexually assaulted, he was made to feel uncomfortable.”

That’s not the end of it for Spacey, though. As previously reported by Inquisitr, he is now under investigation for six sexual assaults in London. Back in mid-January, it was revealed that The Usual Suspects actor was the subject of a Scotland Yard investigation after a man went to police last December and told them that he’d been sexually assaulted by the actor back in 2005. He was actually the third to come forward — they were already investigating two other men’s claims of assault. Once all of this became public, others came forward.

TMZ reported that during 2004-2015, the Se7en actor served as an artistic director for The Old Vic theater in London, which is how these U.K. sexual assault claims came to be. The theater itself has received more than 20 accusations against Spacey — urging those with claims to go directly to the authorities,” reported Inquisitr.

As for Pearce, he was grateful that he was older when his “incident” with Spacey happened, saying in that Austrailian TV interview, “Thankfully I was 29, and not 14.”

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