Halsey 'would have performed pregnant' if Manic tour wasn't cancelled

After recent news of Halsey’s pregnancy, the Graveyard singer has revealed that if not for the pandemic, she would have toured while pregnant.

Halsey called off her Manic tour last week, after initially postponing the North American leg of the tour in June 2020.

Last year, it was delayed until June 2021, but due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Halsey was forced to cancel the tour out of fear for the safety of her fans.

The timing of this announcement seems to have conflicted with the news of her pregnancy, leaving many fans to wonder what would of happened if her tour had gone ahead?

Well, Halsey says she would have done it anyway.

Taking to Twitter, the 26 year old thanked her fans for their support to the news she was pregnant. She said: ‘Thanks for the love I’ve been bursting at the seams for the past 48 hours. it’s wonderful to celebrate something with you all after years of sharing all the sad stuff.’

She then added: ‘And just so we’re aware, if it wasn’t for Covid I woulda done the tour pregnant.’

While a due date is not known for the child, it’s expected that it will be born sometime in the summer, right when the tour was set to take place.

How this would have worked is not clear, as the singer is known for her energetic performances, but it seems these logistics no longer have to be mapped out.

Halsey has in the past suffered three miscarriages. The singer has been open about her journey with endometriosis, but says her recent pregnancy is a ‘rainbow’ baby.

A rainbow baby is the term for a child born to a family who had lost a child to a miscarriage, stillbirth or death during infancy.

Halsey is now expecting with Alev Aydin, a screenwriter known for creating short episode series Small Shots.

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