Hamptons residents finding new ways to throw lavish parties

Memorial Day weekend is in full swing out east, and people are getting creative to avoid the authorities.

One Montauk source tells Page Six, “With the town cracking down, people are finding new ways around it to host parties. The Whalebone [magazine] people went offshore to have a party . . . They took a big cool party out to sea on a boat.”

But Whalebone publisher Eddie Berrang told us of the mag’s anniversary yacht bash: “The goal is to maintain a high respect for the community while allowing for a casual celebration.”

He said that the magazine did not want to put undue strain on the town’s resources, and “Whalebone is a Montauk-based positive lifestyle brand that explores, uncovers and celebrates like-minded people and places.”

The mag just released a “Bill Murray Issue,” presented by Suntory Whisky. Other bashes include concerts from Parson James and Jessie J at Surf Lodge.

DuJour Magazine is hosting a fête for Dakota Fanning at Gurney’s Montauk Yacht Club, and Nikki Beach will open at Oreya at the Capri Hotel. Andy Aledort & the Groove Kings will play at Lynn’s Hula Hut in Montauk.

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