Hayden Panettiere Reportedly ‘Drunk And Frantic’ In Incident With South Carolina Police

A police report has been released from an incident that went down late last month in Greenville, South Carolina involving Hayden Panettiere, her new-ish boyfriend Brian Hickerson, and his father David.

According to the docs, Brian and his father were in the middle of some sort of domestic incident when Greenville cops showed up to their house last month on a call for assault and battery.

Per TMZ, Hayden answered the door for the cops when they arrived, and she was “in an apparent drunk and frantic state” during the incident.

Officers quickly chased down and cuffed Brian, but he was reportedly uncooperative with the cops, reportedly out of fear that the incident could have a negative impact on Hayden. Hmmm…

David, the father, reportedly had visible injuries on his face, including severe bruising and bleeding, though he claimed to cops that he fell, and that was that. Eventually, Hayden allegedly ‘fessed up to the police, telling the she and David had been drinking before the incident.


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