Here’s why David Attenborough’s name is suddenly trending

David Attenborough’s fans were plunged into a deep panic today when the TV legend’s name suddenly started trending on Twitter.

Desperate to find out what was going on with the 92-year-old, wildlife lovers started scouring the internet for clues, with many fearing the unthinkable had happened.

"Just saw Sir David Attenborough trending and thought the worst," wrote one stressed out fan.

"Pretty sure I can’t be the only now who sh** themselves when they saw David Attenborough trending," added another.

"As soon as I log into Twitter I always look to see which names are trending & then I fear the worst. You can imagine the panic that set in when I seen that Sir David Attenborough was trending," fretted yet another one of many.

So what’s going on with the Planet Earth star?

Well it turns out there’s absolutely no need to panic because Sir David is still very much with us.

The only reason he’s trending is because it’s his 92nd birthday.

"*Sees Sir David Attenborough is trending* *Panics* *Holds back tears* *Panics some more* *Tentatively looks at hashtag through fingers* *Sees it’s his birthday* *Exhales in relief*" quipped one happy fan.

"My heart sinks when I see Sir David Attenborough trending but yet again there is nothing to worry about!! It’s his birthday, 92yrs young today!!" another wrote.

"Look, TwitterUK, the only time I want to see David Attenborough trending is when he passes.

"I don’t care if he rides a Harley Davidson over a hundred penguins, lined up – don’t scare us by putting him on the list," admonished one in their relief.

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