Here’s How To Buy BTS’ ‘Bang Bang Con: The Live’ Tickets So You Don’t Miss Out

BTS’ Map of the Soul world tour may be postponed, but that doesn’t mean ARMY won’t be seeing BTS this summer. In fact, they’re about to get more BTS content than ever before because BTS just launched their FESTA celebration in honor of their debut anniversary. The two-week-long event will end with a virtual concert, so here’s how to buy BTS’ Bang Bang Con: The Live tickets in order to not miss out on the experience.

Big Hit Entertainment first teased the concert on May 14 by revealing it will offer a "multi-view BTS concert experience" that will remind fans of a "lifelike BTS concert." BTS postponed their Map of the Soul world tour because of the coronavirus pandemic, so hearing this detail made ARMYs very happy since they couldn’t see BTS actually perform live.

Fans were also excited to hear the concert was coming in just a few weeks on June 14 at 6 p.m. KST (that’s 5 a.m. ET) via Weverse. BTS’ debut anniversary is on June 13, so fans felt the event was going to be a memorable way to celebrate the occasion.

On June 1, pre-orders for Bang Bang Con: The Live began on the Weverse Shop. Fans interested in purchasing tickets need to download the app first and once there, they need to click on the "more" menu on the bottom of the app to change their currency settings to the appropriate one.

Afterward, they can enter BTS’ shop, where they’ll find the link to the concert tickets on the front page. Fans who don’t have an ARMY membership can buy one for $35, while fans with the membership can get one for $26.

In the event’s description, Weverse said the concert will provide six multi-view screens "for a more spectacular concert viewing experience" and it will offer subtitles in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese in real time.

Fans can then rewatch the concert at a later date once it receives an official rating. Find all the event’s details below.

Bang Bang Con: The Live is set to be the event of the summer. Luckily, ARMYs won’t have to compete for tickets this time because they can all experience it together online.

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