Here's the Latest Look at Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman

Here's a Peek at Zoe Kravitz's As Selina Kyle

Zoë Kravitz is following in a long line of iconic female leads who have played Catwoman in the past, including Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer. While, of course, there was no doubt that she would be great for the role in The Batman, new photos have emerged of her on set and … wow, she looks incredible.

In the images, Kravitz is dressed as Selina Kyle (A.K.A. Catwoman without her suit). She's wearing a black trench coat, tall lace-up black boots, and a black fascinator. Even though it's just a photo, it's safe to say that Kravtiz's Catwoman is going to be one of the best.

Here's a Peek at Zoe Kravitz's As Selina Kyle

This isn't the first time we've gotten a look at what is to come with the film, which also stars Robert Pattinson. In February, before they shut down production due to COVID-19 concerns, we saw a glimpse of the actress in the iconic catsuit.

In April, Kravitz opened up to Vanity Fair about how she was keeping up with the role during the unexpected quarantine.  "So I mean, it’s not like the studio called and said, 'Don’t get fat, bitch.'" she said.

"But I had been training now for maybe four or five months and the first couple weeks that I self-quarantined, I remember texting the director, I texted Matt and I was like, 'We might have to make the catsuit a few sizes bigger when this is over,'" she said. "So I quickly decided to get my shit together and I’ve been working out virtually with my trainer David Higgins five days a week. And it’s actually been really great because it’s been giving me some kind of structure because I do it at the same time and it also makes the weekends feel like a weekend because I don’t workout on the weekends and it gives me just, oh, it’s a different kind of a day. So it’s actually been really great just for my mental health. And kind of foods, kind of the only thing that I have, food and wine bringing me joy right now. So I’m definitely eating whatever the fuck I want. But yeah, try to stay in decent shape so I don’t have to start from scratch."

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