Hollywood LOLs at Trump for Flubbing 'God Bless America' Lyrics While Supposedly Celebrating Patriotism After Dumping Eagles

Bette Midler, Seth MacFarlane, George Takei, D.L. Hughley, David Simon, Jason Alexander and more laughed at Trump’s “Eagle-less White House ceremony.”

After disinviting the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles to the White House Tuesday, Donald Trump instead hosted a patriotic ceremony during which he appeared to not know the words to "God Bless America," and Hollywood immediately dragged him for it on Twitter.

Standing front and center before the U.S. Marine Band and Army Chorus, he could be seen mouthing the chorus. But through much of the song he bobbed his head along, and only opened his mouth for a word here or there. That was enough to get Twitter all riled up, convinced that the president doesn’t know the words to this patriotic song performed at an event he hosted to spotlight his patriotism.

The president rescinded the invitation to the Eagles after learning that "only a small number" of them would be coming.
Trump has been an outspoken opponent of players kneeling for the national anthem, and even came out against the NFL’s recent ban of the act, because it allowed players to stay in the locker room as a form of protest.

The bottom line is that Trump tried to save face over a situation that would have made him look bad if fewer than 10 Eagles showed up, as some outlets are reporting. Unfortunately for his ego, though, appearing to botch a patriotic song at his replacement patriotic event (deemed a "Celebration of America") seems to have had the opposite result as Twitter lit up.

"The Late Show," "The Daily Show" and Bad Lip Reading all tried to figure out what Trump was singing by redubbing the video to hilarious results, while the rest of Hollywood had a field day tearing the whole debacle apart. Enjoy some of the best responses below.

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