Homes Under The Hammer’s Martin Roberts speaks out on being ‘badly bullied’ over weight

Strictly the Real Full Monty: Martin Roberts gets emotional

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Martin Roberts, 58, has revealed that he has had a “real problem” with his weight since he was a child, resulting in the star being “badly bullied”. The Homes Under the Hammer star decided to put these worries to the side and strip off for ITV’s Strictly The Real Full Monty.

I was really badly bullied.

Martin Roberts

Martin has suffered with weight problems for many years, making the idea of stripping off on national TV something entirely out of his “comfort zone”.

Speaking to, Martin said that his weight issues really started as a child.

He said: “I had a real problem with my weight as a child and I was really badly bullied for being fat so the idea of putting myself up for that again to have people laugh at me was an absolute frickin’ nightmare. (sic)

“But when you look at what it’s all about you realise there is something bigger going on here.”

Martin decided to take part in the Full Monty to raise awareness for life saving cancer checks for his best friend Dave.

Dave sadly passed away four years ago after he was diagnosed with bowel cancer, leaving a big void in Martin’s life.

He said: “Four years ago I lost my best mate to cancer.

“He was 52 and he got diagnosed with bowel cancer, he was my best mate of 30 years.

“He was the best man at my wedding, he was my confidant, he was my best friend.”

Martin continued: “He got diagnosed with bowel cancer and two years later he died, so I felt firsthand the pain of that loss.”

The idea of doing the show came because of this, with Martin admitting that if his friend had been checked earlier he may still be here today.

Martin said: “His wife was absolutely convinced that if he got to the doctors sooner, he would have probably still been here but being a bloke he was like ‘Oh I’ve got a bit of blood in my poo, no big deal, you know, whatever’.

“That unfortunately is the way that most blokes are, when it comes to especially private places, people are like ‘Do I really need to go somewhere, do I want a finger up my bum?’.”

Martin admitted his reason for doing the show is “purely to get the message across” and pay respect for his best friend.

The Homes Undet the Hammer star is nervous for his ex-co star Lucy Alexander to watch tonight’s show.

He said: “She was my screen wife and as you know we never consummated our relationship and funny enough she is one of the people I really don’t want her to watch.

“Only because I worked so closely with her, it’s like having your mum and dad watch? NO!

“I’m just hoping that at the crucial moment they come up with some television jiggery pokery and you are protected from the worst and I’m protected from the embarrassment.”

Strictly: The Real Full Monty 2021 will air on Monday, December 13 and Tuesday, December 14 at 9pm on ITV and ITV Hub.

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