Houseguest responds to claim he 'got close' to 'Yellowstone' star's wife before she filed for divorce, more news ICYMI

Another man enters murky picture

Just before his marriage ended, Kevin Costner and his now-estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner, kicked out a houseguest who had “gotten close” with her, claims a new report. However, the man — tech titan Daniel Starr — claims there was nothing romantic going on with the actor’s wife. Daniel told TMZ on June 21 that he “absolutely” did not “hook up” with Christine as some have implied. Daniel said he just tries “to be friendly to everybody” and had “a tenant-landlord relationship [with them], nothing else.” The Sun reported earlier in the week that Daniel was living in Kevin and Christine’s $60,000-plus-a-month beachfront guesthouse in Carpinteria, California, when they told him they wanted him out after a heated exchange. Following the disagreement, the “Yellowstone” star sent several legal letters and emails demanding Daniel leave.

“Daniel was really happy living in the house. It’s right on the beach, and he has a 4-year-old son who he wanted to feel settled,” a source told the British tabloid. “After he moved in, he became close friends with Chris and Kevin. They’d hang out together with their kids. But Kevin was always away filming, so Chris must have been lonely.” Christine supposedly “hung out a lot” with Daniel, the source maintained, noting that she would visit the guesthouse “almost daily.” Christine and Daniel eventually had a falling out and Kevin sided with his then-wife, the report claimed. “Daniel thought really highly of Kevin and thought he was an excellent father to his kids. But Kevin hit the roof and sided with his wife,” the insider alleged. “Ultimately, he wasn’t willing to hear Daniel out.”

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Sub reactions

It seems that everyone was glued to their TVs all week as search and rescue teams scoured the Atlantic Ocean for the submersible that went missing on June 18, 2023, during a dive to the Titanic shipwreck site. On June 22, it was sadly announced that wreckage from the sub was found on the ocean floor and the five people aboard perished. The debris field was found about 500 meters from the Titanic’s bow. As this underwater drama unfolded, many celebrities reacted. Filmmaker James Cameron told ABC, “I’m struck by the similarity of the Titanic disaster itself, where the captain was repeatedly warned about ice ahead of his ship and yet he steamed at full speed into an ice field on a moonless night and many people died as result.” The “Titanic” director added, “And for a very similar tragedy where warnings went unheeded to take place at the same site —with all the diving that’s gone on all around the world — I think is astonishing. It’s really quite surreal.” John Cusack had a different take, tweeting, “All I can think is refugees capsize no one cares — some billionaires on joy rides go missing — it seems like multiple navy’s are instantly searching.” “The View” host Joy Behar said both the Titanic and Titan missions turned fatal due to “human incompetence and stupidity.”

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Detailing his “double life”

This week, “Home Improvement” star Zachery Ty Bryan opened up about his “double life,” which came to light after a 2020 arrest for felony strangulation. Back then, the actor was married to one woman but had been carrying on a two-year relationship with another, Johnnie Faye Cartwright. One night, he said Johnny got upset about his “situation” — the double life he was living — and things got chaotic. “We didn’t even really get that physical. We got really loud. We were screaming and because we were in a townhome that had [thin walls], everybody could hear,” he told The Hollywood Reporter in a wide-ranging story. “Johnnie was, at the time, just really upset about my situation. At the end of the day, [the police] throw a bunch of counts at you because they ultimately want you to plead to something.” Ultimately, the former child star pleaded guilty to menacing and fourth-degree assault. “I could’ve fought it … but that’s more stress and drama. I got two misdemeanors and called it a day,” he said, branding it a “learning experience.” He added, “I thank God for that. I went through a situation that I’m sure plenty of people across the globe experience with their partners.” 

Zach, who’s still with Johnnie — with whom he has three kids — went on to praise his now ex-wife, with whom he has four kids, and admitted that he’s obviously to blame for their marriage ending. “I was just in party freaking mode,” he said of that time in his life. “Making movies, traveling, drinking. I wasn’t living the way I was raised, you know what I mean? I was not being a faithful husband, and I was not being the best me. I thought I would be able to go out and do whatever I wanted, have fun, come home and be a family man with my kids. That’s not how the real world works.”

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Divorce settled

Nearly three years after separating, Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers settled their divorce on June 20. The couple had been married for more than a decade when they announced their split in July 2020. The divorce finalization comes just three weeks after the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office confirmed it would not pursue sexual assault charges against the Golden Globe-nominated “Call Me by Your Name” actor stemming from a woman’s claim that he assaulted her in 2017. In early 2021, several women alleged that they had affairs with the actor that turned abusiveThe allegations against the “Social Network” star — which include claims he fetishized cannibalism — stretch back to 2016, four years before he and Elizabeth pulled the plug. 

Bad romance

Model Jessica White dated Nick Cannon for eight years. Now she’s saying it was not a good relationship. “I went through an emotionally abusive relationship, and everybody goes through it,” she told Page Six in a story published June 20. “I am just the first person in Hollywood to talk about it, and not try to make a pretty picture of it. I don’t want to be perfect.” Jessica recently slammed the host of “The Masked Singer” on Instagram without naming him, but it was clear who she was referring to. “Definitely wasted 8 years on trash and was insanely loyal to a human who would never in life be the same,” she wrote on June 16. Jessica now says she regrets the post, but only because she should have “saved it for the book.”

During their long romance, Jessica suffered a miscarriage. She also found out via Instagram that Nick got another woman pregnant while were still together. “I am not ever going back and that’s the facts,” she said of her past romance with the father of 12. “I am having so much fun without him, and I am better without him, and I don’t need all that energy and all that s***. I am done.” She added, “I am so tired of talking about Nick — I am done. Please post that… I am so tired of talking about Nick Cannon. I really want to move past this because I don’t want the next guy to come in and think that he is competing with that energy, because he isn’t. I am over it. I just want to go into the world and have people see me and ask me questions outside of him at this point.” 


…And just like that, it’s over. Avril Lavigne and Tyga have split after about four months of dating, TMZ reported on June 20. According to the webloid, the “Sk8ter Boi” singer and the rapper broke up via mutual decision a few weeks earlier as their romance “just ran its course,” TMZ wrote. The music stars were first spotted together in February, the same month news of Avril’s split from fiancé Mod Sun broke.

Baby on board

Whitney Cummings has previously spoken about freezing her eggs in 2005 at 32, and her choice has paid off. On June 20, the comedian, now 40, announced that she’s expecting her first child. “In these pix I am with child,” she captioned an Instagram post debuting her growing belly in a series of photos showing her playing with her dog. “And there’s a baby in me too. Human pup coming December. All your [comedy tour] dates in 2023 still happening I just may fall over a couple times.”

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