Howard Stern SLAMS Julie Chen, ‘The Talk’, & The Emmys For Their Les Moonves Non-Coverage

Annoyed with how Julie Chen is responding to the allegations against her husband? You aren’t alone.

Former shock jock Howard Stern, who recently tackled the controversy with a Les Moonves sock puppet, went on the attack on his Sirius XM radio show Tuesday morning.

Video: Watch Julie Announces She’s Leaving ‘The Talk’

He railed against Julie for standing by her man AND against the show for staying surprisingly quiet about the whole mess:

“I hear in the news that Julie Chen resigned from the TV show The Talk, and then you go, ‘Well, their show is called The Talk but they don’t talk about this. Can you believe Julie sticking with him? What the f**k. It’s just really weird. It’s insulting to the victims.”

The Talk is on CBS, the network of which Moonves was, until recently, the CEO, AND their colleague is personally involved.

It can’t be an easy thing to talk about.

Still, many fans naturally expected the ladies to have an open, frank conversation about this like they have so many other personal matters.

Howard wasn’t done. He also took a shot at the Emmys for not specifically joking about Moonves:

“It’s the Emmys. It’s about television. What’s the biggest story in television? The fact that the president of CBS had to resign. Me Too is in the news. They talk about Me Too, but they don’t talk about Les. I mean, my goodness. That means they’re afraid of him…

To not make a joke, one mention? The guy was uninvited 24 hours before the Emmys aired, and there’s no joke about Les Moonves. The Emmys should’ve talked about it a little bit.”

Do YOU agree with Stern?

Is everyone afraid of Les Moonves??

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