Ian Somerhalder Posts Beautiful Nude Photo Of Pregnant Nikki Reed On 1st Mother’s Day

Ian Somerhalder’s sweet tribute to his wife, Nikki Reed, on her first Mother’s Day is beyond romantic. See the stunning pic and his sweet message here.

How cute are Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed? Answer: Very. The 39-year-old Vampire Diaries star publicly paid tribute to his wife, Nikki, 29, in honor of her first Mother’s Day on May 13. The couple welcomed their first child, daughter Bodhi, in July 2017, and Ian decided to post a nude photo of Nikki while she was pregnant with their baby on his Instagram page. In the picture, the actress looks breathtakingly beautiful, and Ian’s message will make your heart melt. The actor wrote, “No filter needed. I remember taking this image of this magical human with a tiny magical human inside. Nicole, you are the warmth of the sun, you are the light of the moon, you are the air in my breath and the ground beneath my feet. How lucky I am to witness you in your most natural and powerful state; as a mother.”

If those romantic words don’t make you misty-eyed, wait until you read what he wrote next. The actor added, “I’m so profoundly grateful to you for the great sacrifice, patience, will and strength to grow, nurture and push this tiny little angel into the world. You inspire me every day to learn and alongside learning from you there is no doubt in my mind that we will be the parents we’ve always dreamed of being. Happy 1st Mother’s Day honey. What a special day, like every day, to spend in the California sun with you and our cub. Love, Baby Daddy aka Ian.”

Ian’s fans couldn’t get over the adorable love note. One wrote, “Oh my God, this is soooooooooo sooo so so cute, she is definitely BLESSED by having you as a husband!!!!!” We couldn’t agree more. It’s not the first time that Ian has shared a photo of his wife showing off her baby bump, or declaring his love for her in a passionate Instagram post.

On March 8, in honor of International Women’s Day, he posted a stunning black and white picture of Nikki wearing a bikini while heavily pregnant. He wrote, “I remember this special moment last May standing on these rocks in Hawaii with you, our little girl in your belly… I feel so lucky to have this strong, powerful woman as my guiding light and partner in crime.” So beautiful.

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