‘I’m a relationship expert – here’s who’ll split as Love Island life comes to an end’

As Love Island 2023 comes to and end and the islanders prepare to exit the villa and return to their regular lives outside of cameras and bikinis, relationship expert Louella Alderson has revealed which couples she believes are most likely to struggle on the outside.

Speaking exclusively to OK! Louella – founder of the personality type dating app So Syncd – argues that finalists Tyrique Hyde and Ella Thomas, and Sammy Root and Jess Harding may struggling in the relationships when they return back to the UK.

She has also identified the recently dumped Mitch Taylor and Ella Barnes as another couple who are likely to split in the weeks following their de parture from the island.

Sharing her thoughts on Ty and Ella, Louella explains: "While Ty definitely has strong feelings for Ella, it's hard to tell if this is genuine or just something that could fizzle out when they leave the villa.

"Given he hasn't been in a relationship before, there's a likelihood he's just caught up in the moment and when life outside the villa resumes, his feelings could change quickly.

"Tyrique's the type of person who loves to be loved. He thinks very highly of himself and has an inflated sense of self-worth. With people that exhibit this type of behaviour, there's a high chance they always love themselves more than they can love anyone else.

"His ego will love the idea of going on Love Island, finding a girlfriend and making it to the final. But that doesn't necessarily mean he's actually in love with Ella and would stay together for a long time after the show ends."

"He has said himself he isn't a one-woman man, so it's hard to see him making a real, long-term commitment to Ella that doesn't involve his own ego or entertainment value."

And looking at the show's other couples, Louella argues that Ella B and Sammy could end up developing the ick for their respective partners.

She said: "I think Ella B will have the ick with Mitch on the outside if she doesn't already. Ella B is very independent and she knows her worth.

"She has shown on several occasions that she isn't one to be messed around, so it's unlikely that she will put up with any of Mitch's antics outside the villa. They could make the relationship last longer than it naturally would for publicity.

"But ultimately, Ella B won't be able to stand Mitch's games, especially if he begins to take it too far and is pictured with other women."

Louella also predicts disaster for Sammy and Jess, telling OK!: "There's a chance Sammy could get the ick with Jess after the villa.

"Sammy has said too many times that Jess isn't his type and he wasn't physically attracted to her. The way Sammy said this felt quite nasty at the time.

She continued: "While there doesn't necessarily need to be instant physical chemistry, as attraction may develop as you get to know someone more, it could be a red flag for Jess outside the villa.

"Sammy has been known to be quite flirtatious with other girls and has got to know most new bombshells.

"Him being attracted to other women could become too much of a temptation for him and this could be the nail in the coffin for their post-villa relationship."

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