Inside Love Island’s Cely Vazquez And Johnny Middlebrooks’ Split

In sad reality TV news, Love Island alums Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks have split. While the Season 2 couple seemed blissfully in love before the December 2020 holidays, it seems that their romance wasn’t meant to last.

After hitting it off from the start, the CBS alums continued dating after the late September 2020 season finale. Cely and Johnny both posted on social media confirming their breakup. “Because you’ve all been such a close part of our relationship, I wanted to share with you that Johnny and I are no longer together,” Cely posted on Twitter on Jan. 9, 2021. “While our relationship has been public from the start, I do ask that you respect this decision and our privacy at this time.” 

While this isn’t the first 2021 Love Island franchise headline, audiences were shocked to hear of their split. Keep scrolling to find out what both Cely and Johnny had to say about going their separate ways.

Cely Vazquez maintains the split is amicable

The picture-perfect couple has officially gone their separate ways. Yet Love Island star Cely Vazquez urges fans not to “speculate” about the cause of their breakup. “I am so thankful for our time together, but now it’s simply time for each of us to focus on our own personal journey,” Cely wrote in her tweet. “I hope that you continue to support each of us individually as we move forward, heal and continue to follow our dreams.” 

Johnny Middlebrooks seemed to echo those remarks on his Instagram story on Jan. 10, 2021. “Thank you so much for everything. I appreciate the time we spent together on this unforgettable journey,” Johnny wrote beside a video of him and Cely kissing on the series, per Hollywood Life. “I will forever cherish the fun we had, the laughs we shared, and the memories we created.” 

Soon after announcing their breakup, Cely hung out with fellow Love Island alums Justine Nbida and Calvin Cobb on the beach, according to Us Weekly. The sun may have set on her relationship with Johnny, but Cely is looking ahead to her next paradise. 

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