Is the palace trying to ‘retire’ Princess Beatrice as well? It feels like it.

Would you like another example of how Buckingham Palace is staffed by incompetent fools? Here it is: the changing narrative around the York princesses, and the almost-gleeful way Princess Beatrice is being thrown away alongside her father. I’m fine with Prince Andrew being thrown in the trash. He’s a dumpster fire and he deserves to never be heard from again. But last week we heard that the Queen was very particular about Andrew’s daughters, and her fondness for them, and how they needed to be protected/insulated. They were not the ones committing crimes with Jeffrey Epstein, and they weren’t the ones lying their asses off in that BBC interview. But new reporting – coming from sources within the palace – indicates that Beatrice was sitting in on negotiations with the BBC, and so now Bea is “tainted” by Andrew’s lies and stupidity too. The courtiers have just burned a perfectly boring princess for no reason. That being said, Beatrice isn’t helping her case at all – she was seen today in Windsor, leaving her dad’s house.

Prince Andrew’s daughter Princess Beatrice and her fiance Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi visited her under-fire father today – their first visit to his home since he was sacked by the Queen. The Duke of York’s eldest child spent several hours at the Royal Lodge in the grounds of Windsor Castle as it emerged she and her mother played a central role in convincing her father to confront the Epstein scandal in his now career-ending BBC interview.

Beatrice will also have concerns she will be cut out of royal duties like her father as Prince Charles pushes through his plans for a slimmed-down royal family after demanding his mother retired Andrew at 59. There are also growing calls for Beatrice and Edoardo’s wedding to be pared back and any costs to the taxpayer kept to a minimum or stopped completely after Andrew’s extraordinary fall from grace.

Despite her father’s woes the princess was pictured smiling and laughing as she left the grace-and-favour home with Edo this afternoon – but privately a source close the Beatrice said she had been ‘in tears every day’.

It came as Prince Charles started his journey back to Britain to face his beleaguered brother after his nine-day royal tour 10,000 miles ended today where he is expected to ‘read him the riot act’. Furious Charles is also ready to inform him that he and Prince William want to ban him from royal duties for life because of the damage he has done to the monarchy.

[From The Daily Mail]

First of all, I can’t help but think all the time now about how dumb all of these people are. Andrew is clearly an absolute moron, as is Sarah Ferguson and probably Beatrice too. But the palace courtiers are profoundly stupid too – it’s like the blind leading the blind, and the shifting narratives around this entire catastrophe are not helping anyone involved. If Beatrice had an ounce of sense, she would avoid her father completely for as long as possible. She should also postpone the wedding – the date hasn’t been set and the invitations haven’t gone out, so it wouldn’t be that hard. Then I would suggest that each and every royal issue their own statement, in their own voice, wherein they completely disavow Andrew. And that’s just what should happen TODAY. Nevermind the longer-term plan.

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