Jackie Chan’s Estranged Gay Daughter Claims She’s ‘Homeless’

Etta Ng and her girlfriend Andi Autumn posts a video on YouTube last week, claiming that they have been living on the streets for a month due to ‘homophobic parents.’

Jackie Chan‘s estranged daughter has launched an emotional online appeal claiming she is living on the streets. Etta Ng, 18, Jackie’s love child from an affair with her mother Elaine Ng in 1999, has never had a relationship with her movie star dad. She and her girlfriend, a Canadian social media star called Andi Autumn, posted a video on YouTube last week (end April 29) in which she claimed they had been forced on to the streets.

In the video Etta, full name Etta Ng Chok Lam, reads from a piece of paper, “Hi I’m Jackie Chan’s daughter and this is my girlfriend Andi. We’ve been homeless for a month due to homophobic parents. We pretty much slept under a bridge, and other things.”

The lovers claim their relationship means they cannot approach government shelters because they will be “split up” and that family and friends have refused to help them.

“I’ve asked all my friends for help”, Andi says. “I’ve asked all my family for help. Everyone just keeps sending us to the direction of shelters, where they know we will be split up.”

Etta then claims they’ve sought help from the police, hospital staff, food banks and members of the lesbian, gay, transgender and queer community have refused to help. The duo do not reveal where they are in the video, which was recorded in a living room, but do state in its caption that they have been staying with one of Andi’s friends – who can no longer put them up.

They also claim to have post traumatic stress disorder and signed off the caption by writing, “All I know is that our love is stronger than this but we are getting tired of it. No one we know, family, friend or government services will help.”

Etta has had a rocky relationship with her mother Elaine, and in 2015 accused her of child abuse. Her father, who has a son Jaycee Chan, 35, with his wife Joan Lin, has rarely spoken about his other family but has admitted to the affair, and reportedly paid child support in respect of Etta.

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