James Jordan: ‘World’s mad’ Dancing On Ice star sparks backlash after ‘gross’ women jibe

Dancing On Ice star James Jordan, 41, is known for being outspoken and it was no different when the former Strictly Come Dancing pro slammed “gross” women for taken part in Januhairy on Twitter. The campaign tends to drop this time of the year as women are encouraged to let their body hair grow in the month of January.

However, James did not appear particularly keen on the idea and added the “world has gone mad” as women walk around with “hairy armpits”.

In view of his 265,000 followers, the former Strictly star retweeted an article which highlighted the “Januhairy” campaign.

He wrote: “The world has gone mad! All those women walking around with hairy armpits and growlers. (Quite gross actually). Queue the replies from the tree huggers.”

James’ remarks caused a social media stir with many expressing their “disappointment” at the professional dancer.


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One person commented: “So your message is that women should be ashamed of their bodies in its natural state. Always really liked you and I’m genuinely disappointed in this attitude.”

However, the former Dancing On Ice star attempted to defend his comments.

James replied: “When did I say that exactly? Plus only my opinion which I’m entitled too. I wouldn’t find a hairy woman attractive, sorry if that’s sexist but most people would agree male or female.”

Another Twitter user commented: “Double standards for men and women. Thanks for helping to highlight the world is so very sexist.”


A third person remarked: “It’s entirely up to the women what they want to do with their OWN body.”(sic)

While a fourth chimed: “Can’t imagine being a grown man calling women’s natural and healthy bodies gross.”

However, some social media users came to James’ defence and admitted they agreed with him.

One person said: “I’m a woman and I agree with you, James. However, to each their own. I really don’t think you were intending on insulting anyone, some people are just looking for a reason to argue!”

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Another person commented: “I can imagine you getting a lot of replies objecting to your tweet. However, I wonder how many of the people replying wouldn’t in fact dream of going out with hair visible in their armpits.”

While a third person added: “It’s gross. It’s unhygienic as well. Men should trim as well no one wants massively long armpit hair. If people choose to not shave it’s their choice but don’t pretend it’s awesome.”

James’ comments come after he posted an article about the Januhairy campaign which is currently in its second year.

Women across the globe are being encouraged to ditch razors and wax strips for the month of January in a bid to “encourage the acceptance of body hair on women”.


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The Januhairy campaign was launched last year by 22-year-old Laura Jackson to empower women to embrace their natural bodies while also raising money for charity.

The official Facebook page wrote on the first day of the month: “A very hairy new year to you all! Today marks the first day of Januhairy 2020 where women all over the world come together to drop our razors for the month of January.

“The focus may be on women, but this movement includes all genders and identities. Let’s educate one another on ALL experiences within this ‘prickly’ subject.

“Even if you are not personally joining in with Januhairy this year, I encourage you to talk about it with others; if we see the same things again and again, it becomes normal.”

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