Jamie Lee Curtis Says ‘Halloween’ Is ‘A Family Trauma Story’

Jamie Lee Curtis strikes a pose on the red carpet while attending the German premiere of her anticipated film Halloween during the 2018 Hamburg Film Festival at CinemaxX Dammtor on Tuesday (October 2) in Hamburg, Germany.

The newest Halloween, which ignores every installment since Carpenter’s 1978 original, is “a family trauma story,” Jamie recently expressed, while coining the term “Hallowomen” – citing the central focus on the three generations of Strode women.

“I liked that it was a movie about trauma and I liked that it explored it through generations. And it just so happens that we’re at a time in the universe where women are confronting the trauma of their lives and, quite frankly, the perpetrator of that trauma,” Jamie added.

“And saying ‘no more, I’m going to take back the narrative of my life,’” Jamie continued. “And so the combination of that and the fact that they were talking about it through the lens of three generations: mother passing that trauma and fear and anxiety onto her daughter, and then passing it onto her granddaughter.”

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