Jane Fonda Says Plastic Surgery Has Bought Her More Time in Hollywood

The ‘Book Club’ star admits she’s maintained her youthful looks with the help of facelifts, which have given her an extra 10 years in the show industry.

Jane Fonda has insisted her decision to undergo plastic surgery enabled her to extend her career in Hollywood.

The 80-year-old actress has openly admitted she’s maintained her stunning looks through a combination of healthy living and several facelifts. But while the star of films such as “Barbarella”, “On Golden Pond” and “Monster-in-Law” has won two Oscars and multiple acting awards, she insisted her decision to go under the knife was not simple vanity but a matter of career survival.

“They bought me an extra 10 years,” the star of Netflix show “Grace & Frankie” told the Irish Independent newspaper. And the fact that the actress is busier than ever, with the fifth season of her hit comedy series, new movie “Book Club”, and a documentary about her life for HBO, seem to prove her theory.

“Oh, I just feel damn lucky,” she said of her career renaissance. “I retired for 15 years. I left at 50 and came back at 65. I was married to Ted Turner and Ted didn’t really help me with confidence and things like that.

“So after that I wanted to see if I could enjoy it again. But, at 65, I never thought I’d have a career. And a hit TV show! I’m 80! I keep pinching myself! I can’t believe it! I didn’t think I would live this long!”

Jane, who has been married three times, split from music producer Richard Perry last year and now lives in a gated retirement enclave with her own house, but shares a community centre, a pool and tennis courts with the other elderly residents.

“I never thought I would ever live there, but it’s great,” she smiled. She still enjoys yoga and Pilates, but can’t do the original Jane Fonda Workouts anymore due to her joint replacements.

However, surgery aside, the main thing the actress credits with keeping her young is taking “a leap of faith”.

“That’s my new workout,” she insisted. “When you take a leap of faith you don’t always land in the right place, but you sure do learn things. It’s good for the heart”.

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