Jasmine Harman ends up on ‘wrong trajectory’ away from A Place In The Sun commitments

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Jasmine Harman, 44, says she began to find herself heading down the “wrong trajectory”, as she indulged in unhealthy foods and wine away from her hectic filming schedule for A Place In The Sun. The property presenter usually maintains a healthy diet and regular fitness regime but admitted that lockdown made her routine go out the window. 

A bit like a failure

Jasmine Harman

Jasmine exclusively told Express.co.uk: “I’m not a big drinker to be honest, it got far too easy having a drink every day after a couple of months. “

The TV star began to look at social media on a daily basis and felt “guilt” over other people performing daily “workouts”.

She continued: “I started to really be looking at Instagram, social media, everyone is doing workouts, everyone’s taking this opportunity to redecorate the house, doing loads of productive stuff and I was just beginning to feel a bit like a failure.”

Jasmine described being frustrated that she was “not achieving anything” after harshly comparing herself with other users online.


  • A Place In The Sun’s Jasmine Harman ‘uncomfortable’ after ‘shock’ find

Then she began to focus her attention elsewhere to her children, as it was important they felt “happy and entertained” during the unprecedented situation.

Her biggest concern about her lifestyle change was “putting on weight” after working hard previously to become body confident.

She explained her insecurity: “Yeah, putting on weight. I’ve been working really hard over the last four years to feel happy with my body and feel confident.  

“Really enjoying exercise and really enjoying eating well… which all went out the window during lockdown, instead of being drawn to eating healthy, for me I started thinking I’ll have another glass of wine, or I’ll have a pizza.”

Not only was Jasmine enjoying comfort foods, but she also began to have “much bigger portions” to eat.

She admitted: “Everything started going down the wrong trajectory.”

Production on A Place In The Sun was halted following the coronavirus pandemic lockdown that began in March.

Jasmine shared: “We’ve got a new series starting of programmes we have already filmed. I will be going back to film in any luck towards the end of this month/beginning of August.”

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Meanwhile, her children are still at home, and the property expert has described it as being “pretty full-on” in their household.

She said: “It’s been chaos. I’ve been doing my best doing homeschooling and stuff like that, but I think my priority shifted after the first few weeks to have more structure for the children.

“If they’re happy then that’s enough for me.”

Recently Jasmine renovated her family’s stunning Surrey home to ensure all the interior was entirely vegan.


  • A Place In The Sun’s Jasmine Harman ‘uncomfortable’ after ‘shock’ find

The property expert went vegetarian at the age of six after she discovered that the meat she “used to eat was made from the corpses of dead animals”.

She then decided to go vegan at 38, after reading about the processes involved within the dairy industry.

Renovating her family home to be devoid of any animal by-products is described by Jasmine as a “fresh start” as she enlisted an interior design company to help with the process.

Jasmine said: “I used this company to help me with the interior design, but the brief was everything had to be vegan. So what that entails is no wool or sheepskin. So things like throws and blankets and carpets. No wool. And for cushions and pillows and duvets and stuff, no feathers. So no down. No leather. So no leather armchairs or anything like that.”

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