Jennifer Williams Insists She’s Not Lying About Stolen Range Rover Claims

Meanwhile, Tamar Braxton jumps in the comment section of the ‘Basketball Wives’ alum and NeNe Leakes’ joint Instagram Live session, writing, ‘Sorry Jen that’s fckd [up].’

AceShowbizJennifer Williams joined pal NeNe Leakes in a recent joint Instagram Live session. During her appearance, the former “Basketball Wives” star talked about her stolen Range Rover, which she claimed was taken by a man named Aaron Nichols. Despite people’s accusation, Jennifer insisted that she wasn’t lying and she had no reason to.

“I don’t know why do I have to lie about my car being stolen, that’s the most ridiculous thing. Whether they just hate me, I don’t really care. But the point is I don’t have a reason to lie,” she told NeNe.

Additionally, Jennifer noted that “this is the same reason why people don’t come forward because they feel embarrassed, they feel like people are gonna judge them.” She went on to say, “I’m not gonna do that. And I’m happy that I was courageous enough to step up. God places me in this position for a reason because this man has been doing it for too long and it has to stop.”

Later in the livestreaming, Jennifer alleged that Aaron, who also goes by the name of Chris, was gay. “I don’t know if he’s bisexual but he’s definitely a gay man,” she said, adding that she had the receipts.

Meanwhile, Tamar Braxton jumped in the comment section. She wrote “Sorry Jen that’s fckd [up].”

Jennifer shared on her Instagram on Friday, April 24 that a conman took away her Range Rover. Posting a side-by-side photo of herself and the man she is accusing of stealing from her, the TV star pleaded, “I’m asking for some help finding my Range Rover that this man, Aaron Nichols, stole from me. He goes by many alias including Nick, Daniel or Chris.”

She alleged that she wasn’t the only victim, saying, “He has conned many women and men too out of vehicles and large amounts of cash.” She went on to spill more details about the man, “Lives in the Atlanta area and frequents Detriot, Houston and Vegas.”

The man later clapped back, denying the stealing accusations. Additionally, he dropped the tea of Jennifer trying to expose former “Basketball Wives” co-star Evelyn Lozada‘s daughter’s nudes. Captioning the post, Aaron wrote, “A big reason why I wanted to end things with #JenniferwilliAms is because she was such an ugly person on the inside and she was engulfed with fame and notoriety. She asked me to be a love interest on her TV show; I declined over and over.”

Jennifer caught wind of the post and immediately responded in an Instagram post that has been deleted. “More real receipts on the money you owe me, should I post your bank info too.. Don’t play with me with this fake s**t! Return all these people’s money you stole and cars. Stop trying to deflect. Nobody wants you with your 10 kids you don’t take care of #Loser,” so she wrote.

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