Jeremy Clarkson left ‘stumped’ as former Top Gear host takes up birdwatching in new move

Jeremy Clarkson reveals mishap during lambing season

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Jeremy Clarkson has opened up about birdwatching where the Top Gear host shared he was “stumped” by his latest pastime. The Grand Tour host explained that despite his frustrations he decided to test out a bird theory using a 20 bore.

The 60-year-old explained it was not his intention to hunt any of the birds but instead to study their reaction to seeing the gun.

The former Top Gear host admitted the only information he had about birds and identifying the various types was from a “handy online guide” adding, “'[the bird] was brown and in the sky’, so I was rather stumped”.

During his time birdwatching – which Jeremy branded the Big Garden Birdwatch – he noted that the crows were the clever birds as they knew they were out of range of his 20 bore.

In his latest column, Jeremy wrote: “Our crows are much more boring to behold but that said, they are extremely clever.

“It’s known that pigeons can tell whether you have a gun or not but crows go one step further.

“They can tell what sort of gun it is. ‘Ha. That’s only a .410. He’ll never be able to hit me with that.'”

Jeremy explained decided to test out the theory himself and claimed the “crows laughed at me”.

“I proved this 40 minutes into my Big Garden Birdwatch by going outside with a 20 bore,” Jeremy explained.

“The pigeons scarpered immediately, but the crows just laughed at me, knowing they were well out of range.”

He added to The Times: “They were correct too, and having proved it, there were no birds in my garden at all.”

Despite this, Jeremy admitted he has continued to put seeds and nuts out in his garden for the birds and spends over an hour “staring through my monocular at the comings and goings”.

He recently had some luck when the Grand Tour presenter spotted a wren in his garden.


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Jeremy said: “It scampered down the wall on its funny little legs but before it reached the little pile of seed, the robin arrived out of the sun and scared it away.”

Elsewhere, the small-screen star recently opened up about his biggest regret after getting rid of his BMW 3.0 CSL, as it is now worth a great deal more than he sold it for.

Although The Grand Tour host argued he hasn’t ever regretted purchasing a vehicle to add to his collection, he is still fed up about selling his BMW for “next to nothing”.

“The worst car purchasing decision I ever made wasn’t a car purchasing decision at all,” Jeremy divulged in a video interview with his YouTube platform DriveTribe.

He continued: “I don’t think I’ve ever bought a car I didn’t like. But I sold a BMW 3 litre CSL for next to nothing, I think £3,000.”

The star then sheepishly admitted: “And that was idiotic, absolutely idiotic.”

When Jeremy is not busy working on The Grand Tour or his many other presenting gigs, he is often working on his farm at Chipping Norton.

Jeremy resides there with is his long-term girlfriend Lisa Hogan.

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