Jinger Duggar Enters Home Stretch Of Pregnancy With 31-Week Baby Bump Update, Fans Think She Looks Amazing

The third trimester of pregnancy sure looks good on Jinger Duggar. The mom-to-be is currently 31 weeks along, and she’s sporting a serious pregnancy glow that fans can’t stop gushing over.

On Thursday, Jinger Duggar took to Instagram to share one of her final baby bump updates. When she was 15 weeks pregnant, the 24-year-old Counting On star began posting regular photos of her stomach so that fans could see the progression of her pregnant belly. She usually did this every two or three weeks, but she made fans wait a bit longer for her latest “bumpdate.” Jinger has now reached the 31st week of her first pregnancy, and the previous belly growth photo that she shared was snapped at 25 weeks.

The difference between the sizes of her baby bump in her two most recent pregnancy progression pictures can be seen with the naked eye, but Jinger Duggar also included a helpful chalkboard graphic to inform fans just how much her baby has grown over the last six weeks. The Duggar daughter’s chalkboard said that her baby was the size of a head of cauliflower at week 25, while the little girl is currently the size of a pineapple. According to the Bump, unborn babies weigh around 3.3 pounds and measure about 16.2 inches long at 31 weeks.

Baby Girl Vuolo ????????????#31weeks

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???????? Vuolo #25weeks

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With just nine weeks to go, “Baby Girl Vuolo” still has a little room to grow. By Jinger Duggar’s final week of pregnancy, her daughter could be as big as a watermelon weighing over 7 pounds. However, it’s not the size of Jinger’s baby bump that has fans buzzing. In response to her latest pregnancy picture, her followers remarked on how incredible she looks as her due date draws near.

“Jinger you look amazing for 31 weeks pregnant,” wrote one admirer.

“Well are you not just the cutest Prego lady! Absolutely glowing!” another commented.

Others noted that Jinger is carrying really high. According to Romper, this is a sign that her abdominal muscles are in excellent condition. However, her lungs might be suffering a bit; at this point in her pregnancy, her baby is big enough to crowd the respiratory organs.

Other symptoms of being 31 weeks pregnant include frequent urination caused by the baby crowding the bladder, Braxton Hicks contractions, and backaches. Some expectant women also believe that they experience a phenomena known as “pregnancy brain” that causes them to act a bit absentmindedly. Luckily, this potential pregnancy symptom didn’t cause Jinger to forget to post her latest bumpdate.

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