Jinger Duggar Makes Eye-Opening Admission About Filming 19 Kids And Counting

Jinger Duggar has come clean about what it was like to grow up with a camera crew following her family around and the personal struggles that came with it. In a chapter from her upcoming book, “The Hope We Hold,” that she and husband Jeremy Vuolo released prematurely online on April 28, she opens up about the trust issues and tensions she experienced when filming “19 Kids & Counting.”

“I wanted to believe that my friends saw me the same way they always had,” she said in the book’s third chapter. “And yet, there was tension. Though no one said anything to my face, I knew some of their families thought it wasn’t holy to be on TV, and that made me feel uncomfortable,” she continued.

Jinger’s mother, Michelle Duggar, encouraged her to remain a “sweet friend,” which led Jinger to feeling like she couldn’t fully express herself and her life outside of her family. “I found myself mentally editing my stories and leaving out major pieces of information as I tried not to make my friends feel less than or left out,” she said, adding that she had to keep her lips tight about news like pregnancies if they hadn’t been aired on the show. “Conversations with anyone outside my family left me feeling as if I were holding back, unable to fully be myself,” she admitted.

On the flip side, Jinger knew being her friend wasn’t easy either. Keep scrolling to learn about her guilt when it came to filming around friends.

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