Joanna Gaines Shared Preview of 'Magnolia Table' and Some Fans Think She's Turning Into Chip Gaines

Joanna Gaines is the face of Magnolia Table, her cooking show on Magnolia Network. The interior designer turned celebrity chef cooks delicious meals inspired by the ones her family loves. When she started the show she felt a little timid but as season 5 airs, Joanna’s goofy side is showing up and some fans think she’s turning into her husband Chip.

Joanna shared a video of Magnolia Table where she was seen being silly and funny before the cameras started rolling. Fans couldn’t get enough and thought she was turning into Chip.

“She’s turning into Chip,” a fan noted while another one replied, “My thoughts exactly.”

“My love runs deep for you Joanna Gaines,” a follower added.

“I love Joanna, she is so down to earth,” an Instagram user mentioned.

“So cute!! Love how you freely embody your playful brilliant feminine! Yay you,” another fan said.

“I love that you’ve come out of your comfort zone, you’re sooo much Fun!! Love watching you & Chip,” another follower commented.

“Chip would be proud,” another Instagram user mentioned.

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