Joe Wicks shares a message for NHS staff from his hospital bed (don’t worry, he’s OK)

Joe Wicks, who has been keeping the nation happy and healthy with his PE lessons, has shared a message praising the NHS while being treated in hospital for his arm.

Fitness instructor Joe Wicks has proved himself to a national treasure during the coronavirus  pandemic. The Body Coach has inspired families across the country to stay fit indoors with his online PE lessons. Through YouTube advertisement fees, he has raised over £200,000 for the NHS with his videos. 

Now, Wicks has shared a message for NHS workers, after staying overnight in hospital for an operation on his arm.

Wicks needed to have wires removed from his hand this week after it became infected following an operation. He had to stay at Kingston Hospital overnight while waiting to have the procedure. Sharing updates with Instagram followers, Wicks detailed the pain, saying: “I woke up all night last night as it was throbbing and pulsating like liquid hot magma. Thanks for all your well wishes.”

He then shared a poignant message for NHS workers, saying: “I’m in Kingston hospital where Indie and Marley were born and I’m have a bit of a moment, feeling super grateful about this healthcare system we’ve got.

“There’s […] people from all different nationalities coming in here and taking care of me, nurturing me and just being so kind. It doesn’t matter how old you are, when you see a nurse or a doctor you instantly feel safe and calm and relaxed.”

He added: “I think it’s amazing, the NHS people out here still grafting, still having to be around the Covid patients and it’s just wonderful isn’t it, that people are that kind to dedicate their lives to helping other people that are sick and unwell feel better.”

Wicks also explained that he’s raised £90k from his fundraiser tee-shirts alone – that’s just under £300k altogether.

Wicks recently joined editor-in-chief Lisa Smosarski on the Working from Home with Stylist podcast, sharing tips on how to feel motivated in lockdown.

“If I could bottle motivation and give it away to the world it would just be the most incredible thing,” he told listeners. “I always say you have to remember that the motivation comes from the end of the workout. 

“It’s when you’ve gone for a bike ride or a walk and you feel more energised afterwards. I know when I get up and do 20 minutes of exercise, I feel better for it. My mind clears, it kind of calms me down, I’m more patient because exercise is powerful… you can change your mental state through physical exercise. It is reminding yourself that you’re going to feel better just doing something.”

We wish Wicks a speedy recovery so that he feels better for more PE lessons!

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