Johnny Depp NOT Dating His Female Attorney, Despite Social Media Speculation

Johnny Depp has been super friendly with one of his attorneys, but even if you see smoke … we’re here to tell ya, there’s no fire.

Sources connected to Camille Vasquez — one of the many lawyers Johnny’s hired to rep him in his trial against Amber Heard — tell TMZ … there’s speculation something’s going on between her and JD … but it’s nothing more than fan fiction from social media.

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Put differently, we’re told they are definitely NOT dating — despite what some people think they see happening in the courtroom.

Indeed, several TikTok and Twitter users have jumped to the conclusion … these two are in a relationship based on their interactions in court.

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Fact is … Johnny and Camille look quite comfortable around each other … to the point that they seem to be constantly touching in a somewhat intimate manner.

To that point, our sources tell us … everyone on the legal team is buttoned up, but they’ve all gotten very close to their client — it’s become both a professional relationship and a friendship.

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As for all the smiling and giggling some have noticed between Johnny and Camille, we’re told she finds him funny … and couldn’t help but laugh at some of his antics and/or his sense of humor.

More importantly, our sources tell us Camille is happily taken. She’s dating a British fella who works in real estate — with whom she’s been in a serious relationship for several months.

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Bottom line … we’re told Camille doesn’t think Johnny treats her any differently than any of the other lawyers, and they’re all just trying to stay strong as this trial heats up. Our sources they’re looking forward to a W for Johnny.

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